our qualifications

comply with your expectations for quality service. Each member of our team holds a university degree in his/her area of expertise, and has been successfully working as a translator for a number of years. Our quality assurance management warrants high quality standards. Additionally, we have a network of experts available, which warrants appropriate consulting for scientific and technical translations and editing.

our services include

Translations — standard, ready-for-print, or word-for-word translations in German, English French, Rumanian, and Russian.
Proofreading and Editing — of already translated text: correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, general sentence structure. Reviewing of comprehensibility, logical structure, and style; standardization of layout and formatting of text.
Copy edit/revision — finalizing of drafts such as for scientific of technical text, advertisements, and presentations, etc.
Terminology storage — we keep for each client a database for the specific terminology. Upon request, we provide text specific vocabulary and terminology.
Text formatting — generally we deliver all documents according to the format of the source text. Upon request, we reformat in Windows/Mac desktop-publishing applications, such as PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, HTML, or Latex.
Market research — Research and reporting with regards to products and services pertaining to the compatibility of online offers.

standard services are

Consulting with regard to appropriate texting for the international market, e.g., services and products offered online.
Formatting of the target text according to the source text, e.g., standard Windows/Mac desktop-publishing applications.
Confidential handling of your data. Upon request, we provide you with a confidentiality agreement.

We are available by phone between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm CET Mondays through Fridays. Email requests are responded to within one day (weekends included).

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