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Data protection is very important to us, and we will therefore only reference work that has been published and/or can be accessed online. Following are some examples of our work and references.

Book translation - Springer Publishing House

Digital Design of Nature Digital Design of Nature
Authors: Oliver Deussen, Bernd Lintermann, Translator: A. Dowden-Williams
Special areas: Computer Wissenschaft - botanical descriptions; programming and modeling of vegetation; mathematical objects; rule-based modeling and object production; rendering.

University of Konstanz

Publikationen Publications for internationale conferences, e.g. Hardware Rendering of 3D-Geometry with Elevation Maps, for SMI 2006, Image Enhancement by Unsharp Masking the Depth Buffer, SIGGRAPH 2006, as well as other documents. Efficient simulation of vegetation using light and nutrition competition, SIMS 2006.

Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen

Pfahlbauten Unteruhldingen

Specialty areas: Prehistoric archeology and history.
Brochures, presentations and websites. Research reports in the area of archeological methodology .

Royal LePage

Realestate LePage Area: Real estate. Descriptions, offers and contracts, marketing. Website localization for individual property offers.