we work

primarily in the areas of science and technology. Our services include translating, proofreading, and editing of scientific and technical text as well as corporate correspondence and reports. Our working languages are listed in the right side panel on this page. In addition, we conduct market research in the area of product and service compatibility for small and midsize Internet vendors. Our clients are scientists, academic/research institutions and science based businesses.

The ScienceTranslations team

consists of qualified and experienced freelance translators and scientists, who share their knowledge and abilities in order to continuously expand their resources of expert knowledge in the field of translation and editing. Working as a team enables us to meet the challenges of a dynamic and international science community, to increase our productivity, and to offer high quality services.

our mandate

is to provide accurate translations and texts, which mirror the competence and individual style of our clients. We consider direct communication and cooperation with our clients an essential component of our work. We are pleased to discuss specific requirements and to provide feedback on your orders. We store vocabulary for each translation individually, and upon request provide the translation specific terminology to our clients. In order to maintain consistent vocabulary and/or terminology, we work with individually created glossaries. Naturally, a second translator and/or editor will proofread and edit all translations.

Your data

and documents are handled with utmost confidentiality. If you do not have a confidentiality agreement at hand, we are pleased to submit the form to you. We deliver timely to competitive rates. To warrant a transparent order handling and pricing policy, we work in compliance with the European Standard DIN EN 15038.

Please ask us for a non-obligatory quote.

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